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The Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority.

A characteristic feature of Norwegian foundations is that the legal basis for this kind of entity is a disposition. This disposition can, for example, be a gift or similar, or placing an asset of financial value, most commonly money, at the independent disposal of a foundation for defined purpose, included but not limited to idealistic, humanitarian, social, educational and financial activities. Like associations, foundations are self-owned legal entities authorised to enter into contracts with third parties, and be a party in legal actions before the courts and in relation to the authorities.

Number of foundations

7,311 foundations. Nearly 900 are financial foundations, and the rest (6468) are so-called non-profit foundations established for a wide range of purposes.

Pool of assets

€18,272 million (2014)

Total expenditure

€400 million (2014)

More on the sector

The Freedom of Expression Foundation (Fritt Ord) is the largest Norwegian foundation, not taking into account the savings banks foundations.​

The Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority

Further reading

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