DAFNE is a network of 27 donors and foundations networks from across Europe, with a collective membership of over 10,000 foundations

Mapping the European philanthropic sector

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The difference dafne makes


National associations play a critical role in developing the professional capability of their members in order that they use their resources effectively. DAFNE helps associations improve the service they provide to their members.


DAFNE works to exchange ideas on fundraising and the promotion of a culture of giving and to maintain a favourable legal and fiscal environment for philanthropy, thus maximizing the resources available for donors and foundations.


As a European network of peers, DAFNE provides a platform for communication, collaboration, and connection which reinforces efforts to build capacity and capability. Trusted relationships are built through DAFNE.


DAFNE provides a collective voice for Foundations at European level, and strengthens representation at national level. This conributes to the reputation, recognition and influence of Foundations amongst governments and civil society across Europe.

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