#EuropeTogether #WeArePhilanthropy

We have launched a campaign celebrating the shortlisted photo-stories from FOCUS Philanthropy. Over the next month we will be spotlighting one inspiring story of European philanthropy per day leading up to 1 October when we will announce the three winners. We invite you to actively engage in this campaign and we hope you will join us in celebrating the 2020 European Day of Foundations and Donors.

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PEX proves it has the ‘X’ factor

James Magowan, Co-Director at ECFI, and Boris Strecanský, Senior Expert and Board Member of the Centre for Philanthropy in Slovakia and consultant for ECFI, reflect on the PEX community scenario thinking sessions that worked through uncertainties facing the philanthropy field post-Covid, and resulted in the PEX Philanthropy Resilience Storybook.

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Collaboration between European policymakers and philanthropy – yes, but how?

On 1 July, the European Policy Centre (EPC), together with DAFNE and EFC organised an online policy debate on how European policymakers and philanthropy can strengthen collaboration to support this transition. Topics ranged from philanthropy’s responses during the emergency phase to how to overcome the challenges philanthropy is facing and a call for the recognition of philanthropy.

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Resourcing revival and resilience building

With Europe slowly opening again, our attention turns to how philanthropy can build a resilient civil society, more equitable and better equipped for future points of crisis. As we transition to this revival phase, DAFNE is collecting resources relevant to philanthropy infrastructure organisations in the European Resource Hub 2.0 “COVID-19 Revival & Philanthropy”.

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Philanthropy advocacy

While it is easy for goods and services to move freely around Europe, it is still difficult for donors, foundations and committed citizens to act philanthropically across borders. The time is ripe for a European Single Market for Philanthropy.

The DAFNE and EFC joint advocacy project ‘Philanthropy Advocacy’ acts as a monitoring, legal analysis and advocacy hub for European philanthropy. Our objective is to implement the advocacy roadmap for a Single Market for Philanthropy by shaping the national, European and international legislative environment.

Capability building

National associations and donors forums are critical components in the support infrastructure for philanthropy. The development of their individual and collective effectiveness can be enhanced through their membership and participation in our activities. We seek to lever synergy in respect of the knowledge, expertise and experience that lies within the network. We encourage deep and focused knowledge exchange on issues relevant to national associations and their members through bi- and multi-lateral exchange and benchmarking, peer-learning and knowledge transfer.

Connect & communicate

Foundations and donors operate in a dynamic and challenging environment with increasing public and political scrutiny, reducing public expenditure and the closing space for civil society. We inspire and raise public awareness about European philanthropy and its contribution to the social good by publishing news, opinions, conference reports and studies. We connect our members and provide access to the network of key stakeholders across Europe and beyond in the field of research, legal advice and public funding opportunities. We are committed to enhancing the level of knowledge and understanding of European philanthropy.

Data & research

Philanthropy is on the rise across Europe. Independent from the state and free from the constraints of capital markets, philanthropic foundations address most pressing social issues and play an important role as drivers of innovation and change. However, little is known about the real volume of philanthropy and its societal impact in Europe. We seek to facilitate cross-border cooperation and to present data as credible intelligence and a robust evidence base for stakeholders and the wider public.