We stand together in the spirit of European solidarity

We invite foundations to come together to sign the European Philanthropy Statement on COVID-19, recognising that the COVID-19 outbreak is an exceptional event that will have an unprecedented impact on civil society organisations and NGOs across Europe and throughout the world. We stand together during this testing time, bringing our spirit of European solidarity to this worldwide crisis.

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Put on your red shoes, if you need to. Ideas for working from home

The past month of increasing social distancing in response to Covid-19 has seen employees across the world suddenly engaging in a trial run of remote working. Though a lucky few may already be well-versed in the art of working from home, many teams find themselves anxiously adjusting to the joys and challenges of the home workspace.

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Coronavirus emergency: Foundations allocate 40 million Euros

Resources will be used to support the Healthcare system and Third Sector organizations, thanks to a dedicated Fund Italy is being severely tested by the Coronavirus outbreak and the Government had to take strong measures to contain the spread of Covid19. In these circumstances, Foundation of banking origin instantly mobilized to face Coronavirus emergency and…

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Embracing complexity: Together we can!

Today the challenge is to prevent silos and mono-stakeholder bubbles and move from individual organizations to vision, cross-sector collaboration and multi-stakeholders’ strategic partnerships. We have to take the lead in re-imagining our role, improving our capacity to plan, assess and communicate our impact.

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Missed the first PEXforum? Here is our video report

Watch the report about the first Europe-wide PEXforum 2020 that gathered 125 participants from 41 networks and 24 countries at Impact Hub in Madrid to discuss challenges and opportunities around philanthropy in Erope and how to take common action.

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Philanthropy advocacy

While it is easy for goods and services to move freely around Europe, it is still difficult for donors, foundations and committed citizens to act philanthropically across borders. The time is ripe for a European Single Market for Philanthropy.

The DAFNE and EFC joint advocacy project ‘Philanthropy Advocacy’ acts as a monitoring, legal analysis and advocacy hub for European philanthropy. Our objective is to implement the advocacy roadmap for a Single Market for Philanthropy by shaping the national, European and international legislative environment.

Capability building

National associations and donors forums are critical components in the support infrastructure for philanthropy. The development of their individual and collective effectiveness can be enhanced through their membership and participation in our activities. We seek to lever synergy in respect of the knowledge, expertise and experience that lies within the network. We encourage deep and focused knowledge exchange on issues relevant to national associations and their members through bi- and multi-lateral exchange and benchmarking, peer-learning and knowledge transfer.

Connect & communicate

Foundations and donors operate in a dynamic and challenging environment with increasing public and political scrutiny, reducing public expenditure and the closing space for civil society. We inspire and raise public awareness about European philanthropy and its contribution to the social good by publishing news, opinions, conference reports and studies. We connect our members and provide access to the network of key stakeholders across Europe and beyond in the field of research, legal advice and public funding opportunities. We are committed to enhancing the level of knowledge and understanding of European philanthropy.

Data & research

Philanthropy is on the rise across Europe. Independent from the state and free from the constraints of capital markets, philanthropic foundations address most pressing social issues and play an important role as drivers of innovation and change. However, little is known about the real volume of philanthropy and its societal impact in Europe. We seek to facilitate cross-border cooperation and to present data as credible intelligence and a robust evidence base for stakeholders and the wider public.