As a leading platform for philanthropy in Europe, the EFC (European Foundation Centre) works to strengthen the sector and make the case for institutional philanthropy as a formidable means of effecting change. Working closely with our members, a dynamic network of strategically-minded philanthropic organisations from more than 30 countries, we foster peer-learning; enhance collaboration; represent philanthropy for favourable policy and regulatory environments; build a solid evidence base through knowledge and intelligence; and raise the visibility of philanthropy’s value and impact.

EFC is running jointly with DAFNE the “Philanthropy Advocacy” project. 

European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) is a true learning organisation that fosters a European movement and promotes new ways to tackle social and collective needs. Every day, we aim to (co-) create a well-functioning eco-system for societal impact. By increasing funding and expertise coming into the venture philanthropy and social Investment space, we aim to boost the effectiveness of venture philanthropists and social Investors.   EVPA has over 270 from over 30 countries.

EVPA and DAFNE are co-creating the C-Summit – the European Corporate Philanthropy and Social Investing Summit.

Together with leading associations across the world, the Association of German Foundations has initiated the Next Philanthropy project that illuminates news and trends in the philanthropy sector. What’s next in the foundation and philanthropy sector? The first few hypotheses are: it will be more global, more transparent, more participatory, more collaborative, more digital, and more entrepreneurial; and there will be larger investment. Next Philanthropy is a global collaboration initiated by the Association of German Foundations. It aims to share knowledge and insights, and to provide anopportunity for thinking ahead.

DAFNE is a partner organisation of Next Philanthropy. 

Network of Foundations Working for Development (netFWD) is a global network of foundations committed to optimising the impact of philanthropy for development. The Network spans 5 continents and brings together foundations and associate organisations from over 15 different countries. netFWD’s mission is to support foundations in their efforts to dialogue and partner with governments. The OECD Development Centre officially launched netFWD in October 2012, recognising the increasing role foundations play in the development arena, the innovative practices emerging from the philanthropic sector and the demand for an effective platform for co-operation and exchange.

DAFNE is an associate partner of netFWD.

WINGS – Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support – is a network of about 100 philanthropy support organisations in 40 countries around the world whose purpose is to strengthen, promote and provide leadership on the development of philanthropy and social investment. WINGS members are supporting a total around 100,000 philanthropy support organisations.

DAFNE is a member of WINGS.