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An overview of the intiatives and projects Dafne is working on, including responses to COVID-19, resources on data and research, Next Philanthropy, Focus: Philanthropy and the Philanthropy Climate Coalition.

The Dafne team are currently working on several projects with the aim of fostering dialogue and peer exchange between Dafne members and relevant stakeholders, as well as empowering the European philanthropic sector. Below is an overview of the Dafne’s key activities at present.

The most urgent of these projects is the work relating to COVID-19, through which Dafne is supporting its members and the wider community by collating information and resources.

Inspired by the UK Funder Commitment on Climate Change, Dafne is helping to advance the “Philanthropy Climate Coalition” which brings together philanthropy networks to explore potential action and support in helping foundations address climate change.

Dafne is working as a partner in Next Philanthropy, a global collaboration around emerging trends and developments in the field of philanthropy.

Originally launched by the Russian Donors Forum, FOCUS:Philanthropy has now been expanded to European level by Dafne. The Initiative tells visual stories of the people behind philanthropy and how they work for a better Europe.

Dafne continues to facilitate cross-border cooperation with research institutions and philanthropy support organisations in order to advance research on European philanthropy and present robust resources, data and evidence for stakeholders and the wider public.

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