Climate Commitment

The Philanthropy Coalition for Climate aims to bring together national, European and thematic philanthropy networks, who commit to explore how they may best encourage and help foundations to address the causes of climate change and support adaptation to its effects.

Philanthropy Coalition for Climate

We have only 10 years left to act (see IPCC report). Already today the consequences of climate change are hitting the most disadvantaged people. We believe that philanthropy is a key actor to tackle cross cutting issues related to climate. Foundations across Europe and beyond – regardless of their mission – need to be mobilized on the subject.

Inspired by the Funder Commitment on Climate Change in the UK, participants of the PEXforum 2020 in Madrid initiated the launch the  “PEX Coalition for Climate”, which is now called “Philanthropy Coalition for Climate”, led by Dafne as part of PEX. Dafne continues to host and facilitate the Philanthropy Coalition for Climate as it aims and achievements have evolved. We have sought to introduce climate action as a cross cutting issue for all foundations in Europe and beyond, particularly through the provision of low-barrier entry for foundations regardless of their focus.

In 2020, we

  • organised peer exchanges between Dafne members related to the implementation of national funder commitment on climate change,
  • carried out a scoping exercise for an international funder commitment on climate change,
  • mapped and connected climate philanthropy networks and joint initiatives.

In the coming year, we hope to extend the funder commitment to more European countries as well as implementing an international funder commitment at a global level. We will continue to facilitate collaboration between climate philanthropy networks and public authorities such as the European Commission as well as supporting the coordination of aligned communication across the philanthropy sector. We will further enable information sharing and act as a knowledge hub for climate action in philanthropy.

The Philanthropy Coalition for Climate has been initiated and funded in 2020 by Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation, has been co-created with the help of ACF, AEF, CFF and Global Dialogue and is hosted and facilitated by Dafne.


Contact:   Max von Abendroth |