Philanthropy Coalition for Climate

We believe that philanthropy is a key actor to tackle the cross-cutting issues related to climate. Foundations across Europe and beyond – regardless of their mission – need to be mobilized on the subject.

Philanthropy Coalition for Climate

We have only 10 years left to act (see IPCC report). Already today, the consequences of climate change are hitting the most disadvantaged people. Our ambition is to encourage foundations of all types to integrate a climate lens into their portfolio and to see climate action become mainstream. We hope to promote a wave of change within the European philanthropy sector and beyond.

Inspired by the Funder Commitment on Climate Change in the UK, participants of the PEXforum 2020 in Madrid initiated the launch of the  “PEX Coalition for Climate”, now called “Philanthropy Coalition for Climate”, which is led by Dafne as part of PEX. As its aims and achievements evolve, Dafne continues to host and facilitate the Philanthropy Coalition for Climate. We seek to introduce climate action as a cross-cutting issue for all foundations in Europe and beyond and make climate action mainstream within the philanthropic sector.

In 2021, the Philanthropy Coalition for Climate is funded by the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation and the Laudes Foundation. We will continue to develop our work, focusing on launching an international funders’ commitment later this year.

Climate commitments: 

Climate commitments have already been rolled out at a national level in the UK, France and Spain by Dafne members, ACF, CFF and AEF respectively. Combined, these pledges have over 150 signatories demonstrating progress within a broader European movement to engage foundations, regardless of their mission and thematic focus, in climate action. Click on the images below to find out more on the individual commitments.


We are currently working towards an international funders’ commitment on a global level which will be hosted by WINGS. As an initial step, we pledged to promote the funder commitment on climate change across Europe as part of the EU’s Climate Pact launch in December 2020. You can watch this event back including Marie-Stéphane Maradeix’s (Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation) intervention on behalf of the Philanthropy Coalition for Climate here.

Knowledge sharing:

Consolidating knowledge is vital to ensure effective climate action within the philanthropic ecosystem. To these means, Dafne is co-hosting, jointly with Active Philanthropy, a series of online learning sessions following up from the launch of the “Funding the Future” guide to inspire foundations to better engage with the climate agenda.

We have also curated an open source knowledge hub to further facilitate communication, information-sharing and collective thought in order to maximise the impact we can have as a sector. Click the icon above to discover the Climate & Philanthropy European Knowledge Hub.

Climate philanthropy networks in Europe:

In 2020, we published a mapping of climate networks to become acquainted with the philanthropy networks and platforms already engaged in climate issues on a national, European and global level. We seek to connect these networks by bringing them together and facilitating peer exchange. You can download the mapping exercise here or click on the image below to flick through it virtually.

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