COVID-19 Revival

The Coronavirus pandemic has created a crisis that is bringing the whole world to a halt, with unprecedented and immeasurable implications for our societies. Philanthropy has a crucial role to play in responding to this crisis, both in providing immediate relief and in creating long-term solutions.

Dafne seeks to support its members as well as the wider community of European philanthropy networks (PEXcommunity) by collating information and resources related to COVID-19 and philanthropy in Europe. This webpage will be updated regularly with new initiatives at the European level, as the situation evolves.

COVID-19 Revival & Philanthropy European Knowledge Hub

Dafne has organised an opportunity for peer exchange on developments relating to philanthropy and COVID-19 in the form of weekly calls between Dafne members and the wider PEXcommunity. In the same spirit of collaboration, Dafne is curating the COVID-19 Revival & Philanthropy European Knowledge Hub where relevant resources concerning the resilience building phase are continuously collected and made available. This follows the initial open source European Resource Hub “COVID-19 & Philanthropy” (now archived) which collected the emergency responses by philanthropic organisations across Europe from March to June 2020.

Together with ECFI, Dafne also jointly facilitated an exploration of the role of philanthropy in the resilience building phase, built around scenario thinking methodology. You can view a story book summary of the sessions by clicking on the image below:

Click here to view the PEX Philanthropy Resilience Building story book

Plenty of foundations are taking the lead in showing support for their beneficiaries, hence Dafne and EFC have issued jointly a European Philanthropy Statement on COVID-19 for foundations to showcase this solidarity at the European level. You can sign the statement here. Coming together with European philanthropy and social investment networks (EFC, EVPA, GSG and NEF), Dafne has co-created the Unitus Europe hub to ensure that responses to the outbreak of the pandemic are cohesive, collaborative, efficient and achieve the best possible impact for all their beneficiaries.

#PhilanthropyDoesNotStop and while these response initiatives are significant, the COVID-19 crisis is not over yet and recovery will require even more collaborative efforts showcasing solidarity. We invite you to use the hashtag #PhilanthropyDoesNotStop to share ideas and best practices how foundations and philanthropic organisations across Europe and the world show solidarity and provide support to those in need.

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Danish foundations during the corona crisis

Christian Edlvold Berg, Senior Analyst at the Knowledge Center for Danish Foundations, introduces their recently published report, surveying the public perception of foundations during the corona crisis, and the Danish foundations about their expectations for providing grants in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

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PEX proves it has the ‘X’ factor

James Magowan, Co-Director at ECFI, and Boris Strečanský, Senior Expert and Board Member of the Centre for Philanthropy in Slovakia and consultant for ECFI, reflect on the PEX community scenario thinking sessions that worked through uncertainties facing the philanthropy field post-Covid, and resulted in the PEX Philanthropy Resilience Storybook

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Resourcing revival and resilience building

With Europe slowly opening again, our attention turns to how philanthropy can build a resilient civil society, more equitable and better equipped for future points of crisis. As we transition to this revival phase, DAFNE is collecting resources relevant to philanthropy infrastructure organisations in the European Resource Hub 2.0 “COVID-19 Revival & Philanthropy”.

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Reimagining European Philanthropy

Reimagining European Philanthropy

A new report by McKinsey & Company looks at the European philanthropic response to the COVID-19 crisis and imagines philanthropy’s role in the rebuilding and recovery efforts.

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Collaboration and courage in a time of crisis

The coronavirus crisis has required philanthropy organisations across Europe to be brave in stepping beyond their comfort zones and rapidly responding to the new and intensified challenges posed by the ensuing crisis. This post offers a snapshot the activities, initiatives and solutions from civil society and philanthropy organisations across Europe.

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We stand together in the spirit of European solidarity

We invite foundations to come together to sign the European Philanthropy Statement on COVID-19, recognising that the COVID-19 outbreak is an exceptional event that will have an unprecedented impact on civil society organisations and NGOs across Europe and throughout the world. We stand together during this testing time, bringing our spirit of European solidarity to this worldwide crisis.

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