Next Philanthropy

Next Philanthropy is a global collaboration around trends and developments in the philanthropy field. Initiated by the German Association of Foundations, the project seeks to provide space for discussion, joint exploration of topics that matter and building a community.


Society is transforming at a rapid rate, and there is a need to pause, take stock and reflect on what these transformations mean for the philanthropy sector. What new tools are being used? Who are our potential future partners? What new needs are emerging? Who are the next generation of funders and donors worldwide? What are their priorities?

About Next Philanthropy

The Next Philanthropy initiative is an open global collaboration of philanthropy infrastructure and support organisations. Initiated by the Association of German Foundations in 2018, this project was launched as an information resource sharing data, trends, analysis and reflections about where the increasingly changing landscape is heading, and how the sector can best keep up with and respond to these changes.

In seeking to explore these questions and more, the Next Philanthropy initiative has stimulated and facilitated discussions by organising events, conducting country-specific profiles and interviews, collating publications, holding webinars and generating articles.


The project has been implemented jointly with Alliance, Dafne, AVPA (African Venture Philanthropy Alliance), AVPN (Asian Venture Philanthropy Network), EVPA (European Venture Philanthropy Association) and WINGS (Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support).

Will philanthropy be more:

  1.  global – there is a global ideas space for all but a few social challenges, all share the same development goals, and philanthropy will seek solutions across borders.
  2.  transparent – winning the trust of co-creators and beneficiaries will be ever more important for scaling change.
  3.  participatory – creating bottom-up rather than top-down mechanisms for decision making and resource allocation will be a prerequisite.
  4. collaborative – as philanthropists start their giving at an ever earlier age, they seek to be involved and learn rather than leave a legacy in their name.
  5.  digital – with transaction costs near zero, philanthropy will use the full range of digital tools in order to focus resources on human connections.
  6.  entrepreneurial – tapping into market forces, and using a broad range of legal forms, philanthropy will seek to play incubator roles for social enterprises and businesses.
  7.  investing – from grants to equity, debt, and hybrid finance,
    philanthropy will find smarter ways to leverage finance to create
    sustainable, and growing solutions.

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