Source of information
Gemeinnützige Stiftungen - Wie Wir Österreich zum Blühen Bringen, 2014.

Public benefit foundations can be established under the Federal Foundations and Funds Act (BSFG)/Bundes-Stiftungs und Fondsgesetz 2016 and by provincial legislation. According BSTFG, foundations are legal entities established upon the irrevocable transfer of assets that are used for public benefit or benevolent purposes. Private foundation (PSG) can either act as family offices or define public benefit purposes. In addition there is a specific law regulating the foundations of the österreichische sparkasse.

Number of foundations

Total number of Austrian foundations: 3310 (2014)
Total number of public benefit foundations: 701 (2014)

Total expenditure

€20 million (2014)

More on the sector

Verband für gemeinnütziges Stiften

Further reading

Gemeinnützige Stiftungen – Wie Wir Österreich zum Blühen Bringen, Bund gemeinnütziger Stiftungen; ERSTE Stiftung; Julius Raab Stiftung, 2014.