Source of information
Belgium Network of Foundations & Centre for Social Economy (University of Liege)

The foundation is the result of a legal act from one or several individuals or legal entities that dedicate capital to a specific not-for-profit aim.

Foundations can be recognised as being of public utility when they pursue philosophical, religious, scientific, artistic, educational or cultural aims.

Number of foundations

1,036 foundations (491 as public-benefit foundations and 545 as private foundations) (2012)
558 private funds managed by the King Baudouin Foundation (2012)

Pool of assets

€1,374 billion (2012) (More details regarding that amount in the report published in 2014 by the Belgium Network of Foundations p. 24 - see Further Reading section)


7,078 full time (public-benefit foundations) and 172 full time (private foundations) (2012)

More on the sector

Centre for Social Economy – University of Liège: The Baillet Latour Chair in ‘Social Investment and Philanthropy’

Further reading
EUFORI STUDY : European Foundations for Research and Innovation : Belgium Country Report, European Union, 2015.
Les Fondations en Belgique – De Stichtingen in België, Réseau Belge de Fondations/Belgisch Netwerk van Stichtingen, November 2014.