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Hungarian Donors Forum

A foundation is a legal person, which serves a long-term public interest.

Number of foundations

20,678 foundations (2014 - Source: National Statistics Office)

Total expenditure

225,040,100,000 HUF, appr. €725,935,806 (2013 - Source: National Statistics Office)


18,312 (2014 - Source: National Statistics Office)

More on the sector
Court registry:
In this database you can search by:
name, tax-number, registry number, address, type of organization (but foundations and old public/state foundations are merged), focus area (they use the same structure as the statistical office), type of foundation (open or close), by the court responsible, the official representatives of the organizations, the members of the governing board (in the case of foundations there is only one type of governing board, the so called “kuratórium”.)
Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO): collects data on NGOs in Hungary, including foundations
Further reading

EUFORI STUDY : European Foundations for Research and Innovation : Hungary Country Report, European Union, 2015