Source of information
FIN (The Association of Foundations in the Netherlands)

In the Dutch Civil Code/Burgerlijk Wetboek Article 285 Book 2, a foundation is defined as “a legal person created by a legal act which has no members and whose purpose is to realise an objective stated in its statutes using capital allocated to such purpose”.

Number of foundations

Approx. 7,500 public-benefit foundations (2013)

Pool of assets

Approx. €80 billion (2013)

Total expenditure

Approx. €6 billion (2013)

More on the sector

Center for Philanthropic Studies at VU University Amsterdam

Erasmus Center for Strategic Philanthropy (ECSP)

FIN (The Association of Foundations in the Netherlands)

Hogeschool Windesheim, Minor ‘Fundraising, Grant making & Sponsoring’
Further reading
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