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Founding means a property value which is independently provided for a particular purpose of an ideal, humanitarian, cultural, social, educational, economic or other nature by testament, gift or other legal disposition. A legal form that fulfills the terms of the first sentence is a foundation under this Act, regardless of whether it is designated as a legacy, institution, fund or other.

Number of foundations

8,000 of which about 2,500 are public benefit foundations (2016; Source: Foundations are regulated by a public authority – Stiftelsestilsynet (The Foundation Authority). All Norwegian foundations must be registered in a register - Register of Foundations. The Foundation´s category is shown in the register. For more information see:

Pool of assets

€ 11,62bn (of public-benefit foundations; 2016)

Total expenditure

€400 million (2014)


About 10,000 (2016; Source: Stiftelsestilsynet)

More on the sector

The Freedom of Expression Foundation (Fritt Ord) is the largest Norwegian foundation, not taking into account the savings banks foundations.​

The Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority

Further reading

EUFORI STUDY : European Foundations for Research and Innovation : Norway Country Report, European Union, 2015.