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Foundation is a non-commercial organisation without membership founded by individuals and/or organisations based on voluntary donation of assets that has social, philanthropic, cultural, educational or other goals leading to public benefit. (Source: Civil Code of Russia)

Number of foundations

7,494 registered (2016 - Source: official registration statistics by Ministry of Justice). Among them, it is estimated by the Russia Donors Forum that there are at most 2000 foundations that have some activity.

Total expenditure

9,33 million roubles: approx. €133,233 (2015 based on survey of 72 foundations - Source: Russia Donors Forum Research)


712 (in 105 foundations) (2014 - Source: Russia Donors Forum Research)

More on the sector

Russia Donors Forum differentiates 5 types of foundations:

  • Private foundations
  • Corporate foundations
  • Fund raising foundations
  • Community foundations
  • Endowments
Further reading

Reports regarding philanthropy and non-profit sector in Russia are published annually by the Russia Donors Forum