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A foundation is a type of charitable organisation, which is a NGO and aims at conducting charity work in the interest of society or specific target groups. Such organisations are divided into membership philanthropic organisations, foundations, philanthropic institutions, missions, leagues, etc. depending on their mission, governance and vision of their founders.
The Ukrainian’s Law on Charity and Charitable Organisations does not provide a definition of foundation, thus there is no legal difference between charitable organisation and foundation.

Number of foundations

110 public-benefit foundations (2008, number of foundations which took part in the research “Philanthropic Institutions of Ukraine: Current Status and Development Prospects” by UPF)

Pool of assets

Endowment of charity foundations is not defined in Ukrainian legislation, so therefore no Ukrainian foundation has its own endowment. The Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum estimates that the majority of foundations do not own a property, usually renting offices for their activities.
The Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum estimates that some big private foundations own some assets, but as this information is not publicly accessible it is difficult to know whether it belongs to the foundation or the funder.


Around 10 foundations have more than 20 employees
The majority of foundations do not have more than 5 employees


Average of 2-3 volunteers per foundation

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