DAFNE Webinar in cooperation with ECFI: Community foundations and their support ecosystem in Europe

DAFNE in cooperation with ECFI organises the first joint webinar ‘Community foundations and their support ecosystem in Europe’ that takes place on Monday, 25 February 2019, from 14:00 to 15:00 (CET). Please register here for the webinar.

The community foundation movement is evolving rapidly in Europe. Community foundations play an important role in ‘place-based’ philanthropy and act not only as vehicles for philanthropy in all its forms, but also as leaders, convenors and connectors in their locality – harnessing local energy and creativity to identify and address complex inter-related socio-economic, cultural and environmental issues. Community foundations thus act as agents for change, bridging between public, private and other philanthropic actors and actively engaging local citizens in their governance; as volunteers, in forms of participatory democracy, and in raising and channelling financial resources.

This webinar is intended for foundations and philanthropy support organisations that have a direct and indirect interest in the work of community foundations.  It will help develop a better understanding of the field and its potential.

Our speakers:

James Magowan, Co-ordinating Director, DAFNE and ECFI

Axel Halling, Project Coordinator, Bürgerstiftungen Deutschlands (Community Foundations in Germany)

Rucsandra Pop, Programme Director, ARC, Romania

James Magowan will present findings from recent ECFI research. Axel Halling and Rucsandra Pop will share their experience as practitioners involved in developing the movement.