European representations of donors and foundations call for a Single Market for Philanthropy

The European philanthropy sector represents €60 billion of annual giving to civil society. While commercial entities can operate across all EU Member States in a single market, philanthropy organisations face tremendous barriers when it comes to cross-border giving. The lack of a single market for philanthropy in Europe leads to an estimated annual loss for civil society of €100 million.

„We ask the EU for a recognition of philanthropy and its right to give to civil society in the EU Treaty, Article 11. The EU also must make an effort to defend its principles, such as free flow of capital to fight foreign funding restrictions. As the legal barriers for philanthropy are increasing in Europe with new VAT rules and a revised anti-money laundering regime, civil society is missing out an important part of the potential of philanthropy in supporting education, health, science, migration, integration, development aid, social projects, and culture“ says Isabel Penalosa from AEF in Spain and Chair of DAFNE‘s Legal Affairs Committee.

During a series of policy meetings with the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European Economic and Social Committee as well as some EU Member State representations 10 members of DAFNE and 3 EPC members last week opened their call for a single market for philanthropy across the EU.

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