#October1Europe: Country Activities

Only one more day to go until we celebrate the European Day of Foundations and Donors! Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @DafneHQ, and use the #October1Europe hashtag. Join our members in celebrating the day!


  • All the Spanish foundations will be tweeting with the hashtag #October1Europe at the same time (at 12 noon on October 1). The goal is get more impact and reach on Twitter.
  • As part of the European Day of Foundations, they will be organizing a course about culture sponsorship on September 28.
  • AEF is encouraging to all spanish foundations to participate at #October1Europe with this ideas,  be sur to visit their website to find out more.



The Swiss Foundations are encouraging members and networks to:

  • Add this year’s logo of the date of foundations (attached or available online) and link it with tag-der-stiftungen.ch.
  • Share on social media, why foundations are important. Through the hashtag # October1Europe you have the opportunity to participate in a Europe-wide campaign on Facebook and Twitter.
  • As part of the European Day, the Swiss Foundations will be hosting an event on September 30, 2016. The topic is “Digital Revolution – foundations as agenda setters”. To find out more information about the program and registration, visit www.stiftungsgespräch.ch.



  • The Bulgarian Donors Forum have spun the campaign out a little to encourage people to ‘Join the Light’. The focus of the campaign is, in the time it takes for a match to go out, for people to say why Philanthropy is so important to them.



  • Our members in Croatia are celebrating with a full week of activities leading up to the day with their ‘Philanthropy week’.


To follow along all of our members on Twitter, you can subscribe to our list – and for any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!