PEX is where the European philanthropy infrastructure meets. PEXcommunity was jointly co-created at the PEXforum 2020 in Madrid, the first Europe-wide event bringing together leaders and experts from national, regional and European philanthropy support organisations.

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Challenges and opportunities for philanthropy in Europe are tremendous, with significant potential implications on the future of private funding for public good.

In Europe philanthropy is impactful, diverse, complementary, innovative, conditioned by differences in history and culture, and still full of untapped potential.

PEX provides a unique space to create a European philanthropy identity as a common ground to jointly advance the philanthropy ecosystem in a changing world.

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What do we want to achieve?

  • Identify ecosystem challenges and find ways how to overcome them
  • Strengthen the role of national, European and international philanthropy networks as enablers, incubators and developers of more informed, connected and effective individual foundations.
  • Encourage leadership and collaboration to leverage the potential of philanthropy across the continent.
  • Build the network of philanthropy networks across Europe.


The PEXforum 2020 in Madrid allowed us to see this in action. 124 people left Spain in January 2020 empowered by the experience of having been part of building a new peer community that has so much to offer for each and everyone involved in the European philanthropy infrastructure. They collectively identified challenges and opportunities for the sector, shared best practices and insights, explored concrete projects and invited others to collaborate.

Collaboration requires trusted relationships, and this is why these moments of togetherness are the fundamental basis for jointly moving the needle when it comes to philanthropy data insights, a broad pick-up of the funder commitment on climate change, effective philanthropy advocacy and other activities supporting philanthropy across Europe. 

The PEXcommunity is still a tender plant: leaders and experts from national, regional and European philanthropy networks are invited to shape jointly the “Road to Istanbul” where the PEXforum 2021 will take place.

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