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We publish a monthly newsletter – PEXnews. that reflects on trends and developments in the European philanthropy ecosystem and provides the latest news from the philanthropy field.

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PEXnews sounding board:

  • Hanna Stähle, Dafne
  • James Magowan, European Community Foundation Initiative, ECFI
  • Jorgos Papadakis, European Venture Philanthropy Association, EVPA
  • Julie Broome, Ariadne
  • Max von Abendroth, Dafne
  • Peggy Sailer, Network of European Foundations, NEF
  • Martina Fin, EDGE Funders Alliance
  • Zibran Choudhury, Alliance magazine

Find here all of the relevant philanthropy events in Europe: European Philanthropy Calendar, co-created by Ariadne, Civitates, Dafne, ECFI, EDGE Funders Alliance, EPIM and NEF.

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