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An open invitation to contribute your thoughts and ideas on European Philanthropy.

We are open to opinion pieces and analytical articles addressing European philanthropy, latest developments and trends, next generation, innovative funding practices as well as pressing societal issues such as climate crisis, inequalities and digital transition.

Potential writers are encouraged to contact Hanna Stähle (hanna.staehle@dafne-online.eu) with proposed topics. We kindly invite you submit a 150-word pitch outlining the topic of your article.

Are you interested and wondering what is required?

General requirements for opinion pieces and articles:

  1. Your article must be an original content and should not be purely promotional.
  2. Short, clear sentences and paragraphs that do not go over 4-5 lines. The word limit for opinion pieces is between 800 to 1.000 words, for analytical articles between 1.500 – 2.000 words.
  3. Include a title for the piece and give the article a clear structure and provide subheadings for each paragraph – it makes your article easier to read.
  4. Include a 50-word excerpt of your article with the key insights and provide links to relevant studies, reports, documents that you mention in the article.
  5. Include social media handles for the author(s) and organisation(s) as well as your name, title and organisation as you would like them to appear and send us a high-quality JPEG photograph of the author that displays clearly at 600 x 600 pixels. Find an image to illustrate your article, horizontal, 900 pixels, not copyrighted.

Would you like to translate an existing article into English? Get in touch with us!

We will edit pieces for clarity, grammar and spelling where necessary. We use British English and will edit accordingly.

Should you have any questions or would like further information please contact us. We look forward to your contribution! Thank you.