Philanthropy Europe

Why Philanthropy Europe?

Challenges and the opportunities for Europe‘s philanthropy field are both big, demanding and potentially huge in terms of impact on the future of private funding for public good.

Philanthropy Europe is an invitation to leaders of today’s and tomorrow’s philanthropy support organisations, willing to take new approaches to manage relationships within and outside the sector and to leverage the full potential of cooperation for the benefit of Europe’s philanthropy ecosystem.

As the umbrella organisation of 30 donor and foundation networks across Europe DAFNE is happy to act as a facilitator for Philanthropy Europe as a fully inclusive format for enhanced cooperation. If you want to learn more, please contact

How to stay tuned

DAFNE publishes a monthly Philanthropy Europe newsletter including original content about latest news from the philanthropy field, what we read, events and job opportunities in the sector.

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Want to learn and network?

Find here all relevant philanthropy events in Europe: European Philanthropy Calendar, co-created by Ariadne, Civitates, DAFNE, ECFI, EDGE Funders Alliance, EPIM and NEF.

Build your knowledge

Here are some relevant sources about Europe’s philanthropy field:

Please do also visit the resource section of the websites of